Cheap Jerseys  سیالات و روانسازهای فلزکاری – شرکت میدیا شیمی

سیالات و روانسازهای فلزکاری

    • MCH-Al Guard P100

      Water-soluble, aluminum anti-stain and corrosion inhibitor, PH adjustable, cost effective, low treat rate corrosion inhibitor for ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  

    • MCH-BioCorr EB

      Water-soluble, superior bio resistance, better lubrication, excellent rust protection and great hard water stability.  

    • MCH Metal Guard B202

      Recommended for use in cutting fluids, drawing compounds and industrial cleaners to replace sodium nitrite as a corrosion inhibitor. Can also be used within the…

    • MCH-Metal Guard B101

      Water-based corrosion inhibitor for ferrous metals, metalworking fluids and industrial cleaners. Acts as a low foamer, is hard water stable and promotes good lubricity.  

    • MCH-WF 200

      Water-soluble fluid is well suited to use in metalworking and allied industries. Offer superior bio resistance, corrosion protection, and compatibility in formulations, low foam, low… 

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